After receiving your payment, our shipping mechanism starts, first of all your ordered products are packed into a special envelope, then it is shipped to you by using a number of globally recognized companies. During this period tracking details are given to our customers by which they can track their order location. By tracking the products regularly, our customers remain satisfied and so is our aim. We use the following shipping companies to ship your orders at your provided addresses:-

USPS (United States Postal Service): United States Postal Service, a United States federal government postal company is used by us to ship your goods to you in best condition. USPS provides a very good shipping service. Shipping through USPS takes about 12 working days.

UPS (United Parcel Service): United Parcel Service, is one of the world widely used Parcel Services, it is also trusted by us to deliver the products to you. It takes about 12 working days to ship the products.

EMS (Express Mail Service): EMS is also an internationally used mailing service. We also trust them to send the goods to you. EMS has proved its shipping quality in the past. Shipping through EMS takes about 12 working days.

FedEx: FedEx is an air courier company, which is headquartered in North America. It is an international shipping service. We use FedEx to send the goods to our customers all over the world. It takes a time period of 7 working days to ship the goods.

Royal Mail: For all the orders from UK, we use Royal Mail to deliver the parcel to our customers. Royal Mail provides good shipping services and deliver your order in about 12 working days.

DHL Express: DHL Express is a German based logistics company, trusted and used by us to ship the products. DHL takes about 7 working days to deliver the order to its destination.

TNT: We also use TNT Express to mail the products to our customers. Shipping through TNT Express takes about 5-7 working days.

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